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RD Coatings - more than one website!

Our team takes great pride in being down-to-earth. Keeping information practical and preferably local. In more than 20 countries, we work with coatings consultants who are available for local advice and assistance. They also invest in their local RD Coatings website, in your language and covering your local needs. This obviously includes RDInducoat.

A long standing relation is RD Coatings USA. We are proud to work with Mr Jeff Dumas and his team. Their on-line information is valuable for the US customers, but certainly also for English language international clients.

In Europe, a great example of a very succesful partner is NOXAN. Mr Maciej Chraplak and his team are the trusted supplier of major projects in Poland. It shows that from New York to Warsaw, RD Coatings is there to support.

Are you interested in the possibilities in your area? Do not hesitate to contact us via this site. Be welcome.